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  •   Ancient Chinese Tortureer dress. She catches me looking. Something˘s different about her today, and I look away, embarrassed. Why won˘t such a whore let me touch her? She walks toward me and puts my hand on her barely covered breast. It feels exactly how I imagined; soft, malleable, and full in my hand. Her nipple hardens at my touch. I start to explore her, and the sting of her hand lands on my cheek. What the fuck? Her expression is so confused, full of caring and loathing for me. Maybe I˘m the one who˘s confused.She pulls me to her and kisses my mouth, and the connection we˘ve always felt reignites. We fall into kissing, then she pulls back. My fucking boxers are a nuisance now, but I know she won˘t let me take them off. Oh no, she˘s kissing my ear. Lie down, she breathes. I do. She jumps onto me, almost eagerly. Who wouldn˘t? I˘m attractive, intelligent, oh yeah, and §fucking stupid tonight. She starts slowly grinding me, feigning sex. You know, I˘m growing tired of this cockteasing whore bit of hers. Ancient Chinese Torture Taking my chin, she pushes my head back into the pillow. Roughly, she pulls off my boxers. Dammit, that hurts! The skin feels raw, like a carpet burn. But I can˘t help myself; I˘m still rock hard. She˘s never seen this awesome cock before andňhey, bitch, don˘t smile bemusingly at it! It˘s fucking awesome! I think.I am so fucking hot right now. She˘s never taken off my underwear. We might actually fuck for once. She stands over me on the bed and takes her dress off in one move. My eyes are drawn straight to her crotch. It˘s covered in this cute white thong that looks almost innocent. I force my eyes to move slowly up her body. She˘s wearing this plain white cotton corset strung tightly around her tiny waist. It looks part of a costume for a period movie. Just like her, to wear two things that go together, but aren˘t some Frederick˘s set. My eyes move up her slowly, and I suck in my breath. It˘s not like her other corsets; her breasts are spilling out of the top with her nipples exposed
    Do you know?
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    Ancient Chinese Torture . I reach toward them and she kneels over me, letting me touch them for the first time. They turn from large, soft pink flesh to tall hard points as I softly touch them. I could really fall for her. Fuck! That stinging hand on my face again! She crouches over me. Almost without realizing it, I open my mouth and beg her to please have sex with me. My cock is so hard for her. Please, Anastasia, please. She leans into my hips and my cock touches the cotton of her thong. I can feel how wet she is. She puts her hand around my throat just hard enough that I can feel my own pulse. Her hard nipples are brushing my chest. With her other hand, she grabs my sack and presses firmly, feeling the surging in the base of my cock. Please, Anastasia, please.Leaning sideways, she dismounts and puts my hand on her hips, under the strings of her underwear. She holds her breasts as I slide the thong slowly over her soft, round hips. I˘m looking at the most beautiful pussy I˘ve ever seen. Not surprisingly,

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