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  •   female nipple torture├N..nothing, ma┬am. There was nothing I could say. In that case I find you guilty. As you are the first to be punished under the new law I feel that I need to be harsh for your good and as a warning to other. I will not take the extreme case of castration but will use all of the intermediate steps. You will be sentenced to the following punishments First you will undergo Public Humiliation, then the Testicle Twist and Crush Torture you will then have your penis placed in The Tube and be hanged by the testicles; after that you will be placed in The Iron Mask. Finally you will undergo Ordeal by Fire. This should serve as a lesson to you and to all men. I was quickly bundled out of the courtroom and back into the Police station. Wwwhat┬s going to happen?─ I finally asked. I wondered what I was doing. Seriously, I had sworn that after that stupid bitch last year had pushed me around, I was finished with women who weren submissive. Yet here I am, driving for hours to see some whore wh female nipple torture o wouldn˘t even let me touch her. I was masturbating to Miss February and realizing that this whore was not quite as young, not quite as hot, but I was still succumbing to her. What the fuck? Yet I˘m sick of vapid attractive women who waste my time. Sure, I love the feeling of their pussies on my cock, but beforeňand afterňmy god, they˘re idiots. So. This fucking whore. Why am I writing this? She did something to me. I˘m driving 129 fucking miles for a whore who won˘t fuck me. Just thinking of her makes me semi-hard. Yesterday, at work for god˘s sake, I had to take a 3-minute bathroom break after she called just to relieve the cum building up. I can˘t resolve how she stimulates my brain, but my cock is what responds most.
    Do you know?
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    female nipple torture But I digress. I˘m meeting her, AGAIN, at some weird location. I walk into the room, and I can˘t see her. The bartender comes up to me. He˘s no match for my brains, but he converses anyway. §She said to take her lead. Outstretched, the room key says §129. I get it, I get it, stop trying to be ironic, you fucking whore. But I can˘t resist.I stick the key in the door of the suite. I can pretend I˘m so used to this treatment, but the room is amazing. She˘s playing music and smoking a cigar (poorly). Oh, fuck, she˘s wearing that dress I love. Does this whore know what she is doing to me? You look fucking stupid, Jason. Fucking stupid. Take off everything- except your boxers. Dammit, leave on your stupid glasses. I can˘t stand how you look without them. Fuck you, whore, I look fineňbut I still comply. I hate her control. I hate the contemptuous look she casts at my hard cock under the boxers. Does she like it? Fuck her. My cock is great. I guess. I can see part of her left breast through h

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