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  •   Medieval Torture Devicesher again as He attached His leash to the collar around her neck. His collar. His slave The smell of her perfume and her hair tickling against my thigh as she leaned down was enough to give me a new erection How disgusting!─ she curled her lip. ├Ma┬am we┬ve got a real perv here! Photo that thing,─ barked out Carver and a number of cameras flashed at my disappearing manhood. Removing her right glove she came right up to me and put her lips to my ear. I felt the warm flesh of her right hand touch my balls suddenly there was a shooting pain from my groin as she grasped them hard and twisted violently, ├I┬d make the most of these, Master pulled her to Him. she stood between His parted thighs as He sat in His captain's chair. He stroked her long hair - then pulled it over her shoulder, and out of the way as He untied the halter top of her bikini. He held the strap in His hand as He untied the other tie around her back. The He slid the top off her body, and set it on the seat beside Him. Medieval Torture Devices His hands covered her breasts - fingers softly while you┬ve still got them!─ she whispered. As tears came to my eyes she spun back round, replaced her glove and said, ├Right, let┬s get him back to the Council. I was pushed violently towards the door, only prevented from falling by the fact that someone had hold of my elbow restraint. I was bundled out into the street and was shocked to see a small crowd of neighbours watching. When they saw that I was naked from the waist down they booed and I felt a lump of mud hit me just above the eyebrow. A second splattered against my shirt. When a third hit my privates there was a cheer. Before I knew it I was lying face upwards in the back of a van the girl with long hair leaned over and attached my elbow restraint to a short chain just behind the driver┬s seat. She then shuffled over me, grasped my right ankle and tugged it towards one corner where I felt it being cuffed she repeated the process with my left ankle. I realised that I was ly
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    Medieval Torture Devices ing spread-eagled in the van at the same moment that I saw that the windows were filled with the faces of the on-lookers.The van lurched forward, siren sounding, and the faces disappeared only the girl as still visible I suddenly remembered her name Josie White I┬d quite fancied her and we┬d actually gone out a couple of times together. Crouched at the end of the van in her tight leather uniform I couldn┬t help but notice the size of her nipples showing through the material. The effect was automatic my cock started to stir. I felt the blood pumping into my organ as it began to swell. Her hand reached out and gently she pulled my foreskin forward with the finger and thumb of her right hand. ┴She┬s going to wank me off,┬ I thought, ┴Will she wrap her tiny mouth round me and suck me off? Before the thought had passed through my mind I felt a sharp pain in the shaft of my penis as I realised that, her only purpose in holding my cock was so that she could touch the point of her knife

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